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We met my ex-husband while he is at the Naval Academy.

I became likely to Washington university nearby. I am from Annapolis and swore i might never date a mid. These are the group that is biggest of either huge dorks or cocky asses. My moms and dads have actually always sponsored a mid as long as i will keep in mind. (part unfortunate note. Certainly one of our mids passed away a years that are few as he fell away his dorm window during the Academy. It absolutely was really unfortunate and then we skip John Paul really. ) Anyways. We fell and met for my mid just with time for the Ring Dance.: ) Dating a mid sucks butt time that is big. I really couldn’t ever phone him, had to watch for him to phone me personally. We’d drive the two hours from college for a romantic date because they were all being forced to stay in with him(it was easy being from Annapolis I could just stay the night at my parents house) only to find out that someone in his company got in trouble and he couldn’t go out. And curfews?! Do not also get me started on curfews for grownups. That sucked specially as I pleased since I was in college and could come and go. Additionally the reality they’ve been allotted merely a specific amount of weekends sucked butt since well. The funniest component though is I’m sure the guys down at work for the dorm knew me personally by name because we would split up one or more times four weeks and I also’d haul most of their shit to your workplace in a package and additionally they’d need certainly to call him right down to get it.