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 » just just How Monzo aided me beat my gambling addiction and pay back ?26,000 with debt »

Like as much as 430,000 other folks into the UK, Manchester-based Danny Cheetham has a gambling addiction. After years trapped in a cycle of gambling and financial obligation, Danny owed payday loan providers very nearly ?26,000 and much more interest than their wage that is monthly could.

However with assistance from Monzo’s gambling block function, at the time of October this past year Danny is finally debt-free. We talk with the 30-year-old IT professional about the way the addiction impacted their life, and also the actions he took to conquer it.

Just How did your gambling problem begin?

As soon as we switched 18, we took a taste into the bookies and terminals that are betting. I simply made it happen for enjoyable then, with any extra cash We had. If We won, it had been sufficient for every night away. It absolutely was a pastime.

But We kept going. By my very early twenties, whenever payday came I’d have gambled away my wage that is whole by. I’d be up at four o’clock into the gambling it away morning. Then to my solution to work I’d be applying for pay day loans in an attempt to complete the thirty days. We thought the best way to clear the payday financial obligation ended up being by simply making another bet. I possibly couldn’t view a real method to getting away besides gambling over repeatedly.

By my early twenties, whenever payday came I’d have gambled away my whole wage by 9am.

The worst moments had been walking to the working office on payday. Everybody else had been delighted, buying morning meal out to commemorate. I’d be wondering the way I would definitely make it through the thirty days with absolutely nothing into the bank.

And because i did son’t wish individuals to know, I’d find myself purchasing my meal in the office or shopping. Nonetheless it had been simply a address tale.