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High-Interest Pay Day Loans Called Predatory, But Regulations Die In Iowa Legislature

By Lauren Mills | August 9, 2014

Easy Cash Solutions, on First Avenue in Cedar Rapids, is pictured on 26 february

Simple Cash Systems, situated on 1st Avenue in Cedar Rapids pictured on February 26.

Brian Curtis took down their payday that is first loan he had been 19. It took significantly more than 10 years under it and the climbing interest payments that followed before he got out from.

“It’s a trap, ” he stated.

Curtis, 37, and residing in Davenport, stated he previously approximately $5,000 in pay day loan debt after taking right out loans for a $1,500 automobile fix while surviving in Florida, after which once again as he relocated to Missouri and required a deposit for a flat.

Include compared to that significantly more than $22,000 in interest that accrued in which he said he encountered a bill topping $27,000.