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Blue Artichoke Films. Director Jennifer Lyon Bell has won acclaim within the final ten years for her creative and psychological movies.

She states she makes erotic films for those who like movie and it is interested in “making creative, innovative erotic movies that portray sex within an emotionally practical method. ” Her movie Silver footwear won Movie associated with 12 months in the 2014 Feminist Porn Awards and her movies have actually screened at many movie festivals throughout the world. Her movies are experimental, engaging, compelling and incredibly sexy. Discover more right right right right here.

Sex College

A collaboration between European porn performers and filmmakers, Intercourse class is all about offering sex education that is explicit. The goal is to provide tutorials that are useful all aspects of sex – such as for instance BDSM, threesomes, permission and sexuality – and also to helpfully illustrated by using uncensored intercourse scenes.