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precisely exactly precisely what was in fact the amazing « there are not any sex variations in desires in making love having an entire complete stranger » findings?

Baranowski & Hecht (2015): Intercourse With Strangers at a party plus in a Lab

Baranowski and Hecht (2015) completed two experiments strongly related assessing whether women and men differ in willingness to intercourse that is own complete stranger. In Experiment 1, they had confederates approach participants at a « party » (at the club, party floor, as well as a smoking cigarettes area during the night. Confederates were instructed to approach people that are unknown the opposite sexual intercourse whom was in fact without obvious company and state, « Hi, typically we don’t do just about anything similar to this, but we find you entirely appealing. Must you have intercourse that is sexual me personally?  » In this « party » condition, Baranowski and Hecht discovered 50 per cent of men (19 away from 38) consented to intercourse with an overall total stranger (including 16 per cent of males into the party who’ve been presently in a relationship—that’s a lot of ready male extra-pair copulators). In comparison, only one girl (4 %) consented to own sex having an entire stranger that is completeand she wasn’t in a relationship).