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They can’t get licenses to offer alcohol, so that they simply offer carbonated drinks and provide out free ice to clients.

It’s not encouraged, nevertheless, to obtain blind drunk at any fetish occasion, even this 1.

We grabbed seats at the front end for the balcony and watched the other people filter in. There was clearly all you could imagine.

Old Japanese men dressed up in slapdash of women’s attire, furry animal costumes, slutty uniforms, items that appeared as if take out mascots whom get up on the sidewalk, people covered head to toe in latex or rubber, cosplay, ball gowns, spandex, unidentifiable interpretive costumes, and a truckload of thongs or spank pants.

It had been quite literally “wear regardless of the fuck you want”.

It absolutely was Halloween on steroids, and I also felt utterly naked.

For anyone times I’d been the greatest BDSM dresser or costume lover, I became now the novice being schooled by an entire crowd that is hardcore.


  • Down regarding the primary flooring, a fearful, pudgy guy endured to your side … evidently volunteering for public usage. During the period of the evening, clients (mostly females) whipped him, spanked him, poured water on him, or made him crawl all over flooring. Perhaps the white dressed Queen Bee had her get at him.
  • After one restroom visit, my boyfriend came ultimately back and stated, “So, there’s this big, nude guy that is black here wearing a wrestler’s mask. He is getting a dildo that is enormous up their ass by a small Japanese girl inside her schoolgirl outfit. ”
  • A mature girl, whom plainly had a rise condition that is inhibiting had made a decision to throw every center little finger at her condition and stroll around dressed up in toddler’s clothes.